This can make or break your university experience. Dubai encourages well-established universities from around the world to set up branch campuses in the emirates. Heriot-Watt University Dubai and Middlesex University Dubai are just some of the branch campuses of reputed universities in Dubai. If you study in Dubai, you will receive an internationally recognised diploma with the language of instruction in English. Should you pursue post-graduate education elsewhere, you will not have to take further exams to prove your language skills.


The population of Dubai is made up of 85% expatriates; it comes as little surprise then that Dubai welcomes and celebrates a wide variety of cultures, faiths and interests. People of other faiths are free to follow their religion. The cosmopolitan nature of the city creates an international, vibrant atmosphere that’s ideal for students. For those who are adventurers at heart, there are many fun activities to participate in, from diving and water sports, to desert safaris, not to mention sightseeing, the culinary delights and fashion.

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Dubai is one of the most sophisticated, futuristic, connected and cosmopolitan cities in the world.


Dubai remains a very safe place to live. This is due to the strong moral code of conduct, as Dubai residents adhere to the Sharia Law. This means that for those who choose to live in Dubai, there are some important dos and don’ts to consider and abide by. These include; no drinking alcohol in public places, no swearing or rude gestures in public, both men and women are encouraged to cover their skin and not wear garments that are too tight, additionally, showing affection in public is frowned upon.


A professional network is an incredible asset that will accompany you far into your career. However, these links take time to build. A helpful alumni association that comes with a higher education in the UAE can give you a head start. Also, this alumni network is your best source of advice when getting used to life after graduation. This network serves as a career building tool that comes with numerous benefits. This could be an invitation to a career fair or a spot at a fancy dinner hosted by the university.

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Dubai, located on the Arabian Gulf, isn’t just full of natural attractions such as the stunning sandy beaches and warm waters. There are also popular man-made attractions such as the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and the Burj Al Arab – this iconic landmark is a must-see! For those who love to shop, Dubai is also home to an impressive array of shopping malls; big brands and designer boutiques are ubiquitous in the City of Gold. Knowing the popularity of Dubai for holiday-makers, students can feel safe in the knowledge that Dubai is full of fun and exciting things to see and do.


The academic requirements you need will vary depending on the level of course you want to study. Institutions can have different entry requirements, so read the course information on their website carefully and contact us if you need any advice or assistance.

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The reason i choose to study in Middlesex Dubai is because back in 2017, i was amazed by the facilities and what the university has to offer. Plus, i want a UK degree on my resume.


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