Bahrain has a rich cultural history they can be traced back to 2000 B.C, with two historic UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the iconic Manama market which houses some of the first goldsmith and pearl shops in the country. Bahrain is considered one of the healthiest countries in the Gulf with one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the region.


All students regardless of colour, race, religion, physical or learning disability have the right to the best education Universities can provide. Universities work hard to ensure that all our students are treated equally and with respect.

Key Information

English-taught studies in Bahrain are a great chance to build a professional network that is a great source of opportunities and potential collaboration after graduation.


Student are provided with a comfortable environment to develop vibrant personalities, create leaders, dynamic decision-makers, independent thinkers and community-conscious individuals. Bahrain main objective is on academic excellence and personal development.


Bahrain’s 4,000+ year old history as a commercial crossroads has created a legacy of diversity and acceptance. Bahrain boasts a multi-faith society that sees Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues and Muslim mosques sitting side-by-side for years. 

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Bahrain is a true multicultural nation and has the reputation of being the most liberal country in the region. As a legacy of the British presence, the English language is the most common language spoken in the Kingdom after Arabic. Along its fast modernization, the country is very attached to its tradition and its national treasures (archaeological digs and forts).


In most cases, universities in Bahrain offering degrees in English are accredited by the national government and can be fully or partially recognized by universities in other countries. So, because you’ll be studying an international degree, you will have better chances at continuing your studies abroad, in more popular study destinations and prestigious universities from Europe, the U.S., Canada, or Australia.

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I came at Royal University for Women (RUW) just to check just the place and felt like this is the place that will help me thrive and build my personality.


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