About Us

Fly Abroad Ltd

Fly Abroad Ltd started its operations in 2017 and provide education consultancy services. As education is the main catalyst in deciding the career of a student, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you make the right decision.
We act as an important link between international universities and students planning to study abroad. We offer a premium tailored service to students and their parents by providing professional advice and information on various requirements and procedures for university application.
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Why Fly Abroad

Shaping Your Success Through Quality Education


Shaping your success through quality education Our mission is to bring international and world class education to the doorsteps of the students.


Fly Abroad Ltd will strive to be the number one educational consultancy/agency by the year 2021, through providing quality consulting services and increasing the agency networking by collaborating with the best international colleges/universities across the world.


Create direct network with international education institutes and recruitment organizations to provide better options for the students. Facilitate greater public awareness of our institution and recruitment partners among prospective students, parents, academics and recruiters.


Maintain high quality service standards by providing exceptional service to both students and education providers. To maintain good consistency for fair and strict application of rules, impartiality and fairness in decisions based on ethical guidance.

Business Development

Our target is to grow our business worldwide by 2020 by focusing on quality education.

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